You can ask questions using the feedback form in the support chat. Managers will respond as soon as your request is received.

General Questions
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Affiliate Program

How to register?

To register in our platform you need to go to Sign Up page and complete all questions such as Username,Country,email ,password,phone number. Also you must read and agree our Terms and Conditions and click on Registration.After registration you will get access to your profile.


Are there any hidden fees?

No,there is no hidden fees. We pay all the fees for withdrawal transactions.


How do I close my account?

If you want to remove your account and information from our system, you need to contact our support center and we will help you.


How can I unblock my account?

If you've voluntarily frozen your profile, go to your account and click on unfreeze. If you have any problems, contact support. If your account has been blocked by our moderators, remove the blocking reason.


How to change the tariff?

You choose the tariff at the moment of entering the basic information. Later you can't change the line. To switch to a new level, you need to fulfill the conditions specified in the program. Tariffs depend on the initial deposit amount.


What is a forecast on the fluctuations of the exchange rate?

This is one of the ways to make money in our project. You choose a currency and bet on the next day, for example, that the rate will rise. If your forecast matches reality, you get 5% of the bet amount. If you are wrong, you lose 10% of your bet.


What kind of earnings are there on the platform?

We are the first company which offers three ways of earnings: two active and passive. The active ways are affiliate line and rate forecasts. Passive - investment plans. You can work in three directions at once or choose one source of the income.


Can I recharge my account with cash?

No, for now its not possible. In future we will add deposit method with VISA or Master Card.


In what time after my payment request ,i will receive the money?

Payment processing is manual 1 time every day 17:00 CET(Central European Time) from Monday to Friday. Payment requests from Sunday and Saturday, will be processed in Monday.


Can I use cards or wallets of the third parties?

No, its not possible. If we see someone try to cheat the system ,his account will be blocked.


What is the minimum deposit amount?

Minimum deposit amount depend on plan you choose,you can check on Active income page.


What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 1$ for PM, 20$ for BTC ,10$ for LTC,10$ for ETH,5$ for DOGE.


Is data from the chat protected?

All communication with the support center or between members is encrypted using the industry standard HTTPS through public networks. This means that only you and the other participant of the communication can access the information. The information in the questionnaire is protected by two-phase identification.


I can't remember my password. What shall I do?

If you have forgotten your password, try one of the ways to recover it - by phone or e-mail. You will be sent a link and a temporary code. Go to your cabinet and get a new password. If you can't login, contact our support team.


Is 2FA authentication compulsory?

Yes. This step is enabled by default during registration. Later you can disable it in the cabinet settings, but we recommend not doing it, as 2FA increases data security.


How to install and use mobile version?

Mobile application is designed for Android and iOS, you can find them in the store. After downloading, you must enter your username and password to access your account. The functionality of the application corresponds to the desktop version.


How the partner program works?

When registering in the project, you receive a referral link, through which you can invite other participants. You can work with partners even without the personal deposit, as long as you make your own team. The more participants in your line, the higher the percentage of compensation from deposits.


How much i will receive from Affiliate program?

In our platform we have 5 different affiliate levels.We start from 5% and up to 15%-5%-5% which means you can get up to 20% of your partners!


Is there an opportunity to receive passive profit?

Yes. Investors accumulate passive profit according to the plan. Each client can attract additional investors and earn interest at the current rate. The interest accrued on the balance depends on the referral scheme.