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We are a young, successfully developing team with experienced traders.


Our Company

Heonix is a platform where you are guaranteed an annuity. Users choose their own program and build up savings.

We entered the market in 2021, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Before that, we spent many years developing promotion methods, selecting trading professionals, and studying and analyzing the crypto market.


We are developed an online platform to attract investment and expand capacity.

  • The main direction is trading.

  • The second direction - earnings on rates of cryptocurrencies.

With us you are guaranteed to receive a high percentage of investments in cryptocurrency. Get started today.

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Check the data on any official source. We operate officially and legally, according to legal regulations. The information is securely protected.

We comply with rules and laws so you can manage your assets without problems and guarantee secure transactions. Multi-level identification and an innovative fraud protection system prevent financial losses due to malicious external actions.


Below is a video that will guide beginners through the first steps and create a personal profile. You will be shown the initial steps, familiarization with the platform, advantages and detailed description of investment methods.

Don't put off your future until tomorrow. Trading is the most popular and profitable direction today.

"Heonix" is a convenient portal with which it is easy to invest and receive payouts. We work with assets that show steady growth.

Our Advantages

We have a number of advantages over other similar companies, so we have something to be proud of.

about-adv-1Qualified traders

Wide experience of our traders allows them to get high and stable profits.

about-adv-2Safe transactions

The high level of security of our servers allows you to work in peace of mind.


Constantly updating trading strategies helps you adapt to any market.


Previous experience shows that our team always achieves its goals.