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Rate predictions are open

The first bets on the course are already open. You can try your hand at forecasts right now. Register on the platform, make a deposit and make bets. Any participant will be able to make money on exchange rates. No trading experience or knowledge is required.

To increase your chance of winning, you need to watch the behavior of the cryptocurrency on the exchange. If the upward trend is stable, you can safely bet on an increase. If there have been recent rate changes, it is better to choose a more stable currency.

You will get 5% of the deposited amount from each winning prediction. The bigger the bet, the bigger the winnings. Bets are placed on proven, reliable assets, which show steady growth. If you make a wrong prediction, you will have to pay 10% of the amount. This sum will go to the company as a commission for the services provided.

Apart from betting on forecasts, participants can receive further profits from trading, on the referral program and earn money by building their own affiliate network.

In order to participate in the program you have to register on the site, make a deposit and pass registration.